Ad Libitum maturana tinta 2017

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja 13,5% 2017
8.30 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Ad libitum maturana ink Juan Carlos Sancha

Vineyards planted at an altitude of 565m.

The Maturana Tinta is a variety cultivated since ancient times, albeit in such a marginal way that it became practically extinct. Our Maturana Tinta comes from 17 vines found in an old vineyard in Navarrete, La Rioja, and its development was also part of the Research Project for the recovery of autochthonous minority vine varieties in the D.O.Ca.Rioja. Our Maturana Tinta vineyards were planted in 1997.

Our Maturana Tinta vineyards produce small clusters, their grapes have high acidity, great colour intensity and an important tannic structure, as well as good resistance to vine diseases. Our Maturana Tinta vineyard produces 5,500 kg of grapes per hectare.