bag in box Special red wine 5 liters

Red wine 13,5%
12,00 Bottle Tax incl.

Data sheet

Type of Wine: Red

Grape variety: Tempranillo

Bottle type: Bag in Box

Capacity : 15 liters  

Graduation (% vol.): 13,00

Operating temperature : 16º-18º C. 

General Information Bag in Box

Bag in Box is a light, resistant, hygienic, ecological, economic and easy to store container, in multiple formats and is ideal for packaging, transport, storage and good preservation of the vast majority of liquid products. an increase in the useful life of the product The packaging in Bag-in-Box allows to optimize the useful life of the product, minimizing the variation of the properties of the product during its consumption.

The Bag-in-Box format guarantees an average prolongation of the shelf life of the product from 6 to 8 weeks once opened, without risk of the properties of the liquid being significantly altered, which is why the private consumer prefers it in those cases in which consumption is habitual and even occasional.

In the case of the hospitality industry, as it connects easily to the dispensing systems, and the customer is assured of the quality of the product since this type of container is not refillable. Simple use: transport, storage and use. Its characteristics make it Ideal for storage in stores, its placement and replacement on the shelves is quick and easy and does not break.

In addition, it is a perfect platform to transmit brand and attract customers.As it is easy to store, transport and open, it is perfect for consumption in home, open environments, in the field, etc. For the hospitality and catering industry, it is easily connected by adapters to dispensing systems, including refrigeration machines

Tasting Notes bag in box red

Bright cherry red wine. Nose with fruity aromas and balsamic touches. In the mouth it stands out for its balance and refined structure, with a good integration of red fruits. Round, elegant and with a long and silky finish.

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