Baron de Chirel 2015

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Red wine 14% 2014
63.00 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

General Information

Barón de Chirel wine was born in 1986 as a result of an experimental elaboration from a selection of grapes from very old vines, between 80 and 110 years old, of very low yield and great quality. This wine is produced in a very limited way in only the great vintages, where the character of the vineyard, the soil and the variety are expressed within a harmonious whole. From the 1995 harvest, Riscal manually selects the grapes for this great wine with the installation of selection tables. Riscal is the first winery to introduce this system in Spain, marking a milestone in the production of quality red wines. the Barón de Chirel wine undergoes fermentation at a controlled temperature of 26º in small-capacity Allier wood vats. It then undergoes malolactic fermentation in fine-grained Allier oak barrels. Aging will last between 18 and 24 months, depending on the characteristics of each vintage. Once this is finished, the wine is bottled, passing a period of refining not less than 2 years before going to market.

Tasting Notes Baron de Chirel

Beautiful cherry red color, high and dark layer. Powerful aromatic intensity, where the toasts and spices provided by the Allier oak stand out. Black candied fruits. In mouth it is fresh and creamy, soft and elegant tannins, with a long and balanced end.