El Buscador crianza 2015

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Red wine 13% 2015
7.80 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Winery:                        FINCA DE LA RICA

Viticulture:                   Antonio Amurrio, Javier Amurrio y Arturo Amurrio

Winemaking:               Arturo Amurrio y Javier Amurrio

Grapes Origin:            41 hectares of Own Vineyards in 39 different plots in Labastida.

Village:                       Labastida – Álava

Region:                       D.O. Ca. Rioja

Country:                      SPAIN


Wine:                           EL  BUSCADOR

Wine Category:          TINTO  CRIANZA

Vintage:                      2014

Qualification:              Good

Released to market:    December the 20th  2015

Soils:                            Clay and calcareous.

Sandstone-limestone and clay rows in the subsoil.

Climate:                      Atlantic. Village protected from the

North cold winds and humidity by Toloño

Mountain and the Ebro River in the South.

Rain:                            740   mm / year 2014

Orientation:                 Predominant South orientation of plots.

Vineyard altitude:       585 meters of altitude above sea level

Vines average age:    46 years old

Plantation:                  Bunch vineyards and some plots in rows

Production:                 5.700 Kg per hectare

Harvest date:              October the 2nd  2014

Variety:                        Tempranillo 90% &10% Garnacha

Alcoholic Ferm:           Stainless Steel vats.

Malolactic Ferm:         French barrels of 225 litres.

Ageing:                       11 Months in French 2 years old barrels

1 Month in American barrels

Clarification:               Natural Egg white

Filtering:                       Light filtering


Alcohol:                      13,80 %

Total Acidity:               4,91 gr/l

Ph:                               3,60


Fine wine, brilliant cherry color with violet hints

Great balance between fruit and wood on the nose. Red and black fruits with some spicy touch with vanilla aromas

Light wooden touch on the mouth from a serious wine but fresh, friendly and alive with a lovely acidity from the area.