chorizo con vino 1 kilo

D.O.C. Ribera Del Duero Red wine 14% 2017
18,50 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Martinez Somalo Technical Sheet

Product: Chorizo string

Brand: Chorizo string with wine

Composition:Selected pork lean, paprika wine, salt and garlic

Format:Empty with blister

Weight:200 grams

Company : Martinez Somalo

Regions: IGP Rioja

Consumption: It is recommended to open 20 minutes before

Conservation: Fresh and dry place

Preservatives: Natural product

Package: Empty

General information

A healthy Art. Pleasure for the senses. More than one hundred years preserving a tradition, a dream, the best products. More than one hundred years creating unique flavors, pampering every detail, from when the pig is born until our sausages and hams become a tasty and inimitable passion. Art, healthy; the only way to understand Martínez Somalo.

Our Riojano chorizo presents percentages of unsaturated fatty acids similar to those of olive oil or salmon, according to the researcher at the University of La Rioja Yolanda Alaustre

Balanced and intense aroma, persistent, with a preponderance of paprika, as well as notes of garlic. Intense, long-lasting flavor, balanced between lean and fat. Its proteins, of great biological value, provide a lot of energy. It is one of the key products of our culinary tradition. And what about the ham; staple food in the Mediterranean diet, flavor and health in the same product.

Serrano ham contains iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and vitamins of group D, that is why it has so much nutritional value.

Half of its fats are unsaturated. The main fatty acid that constitutes it is oleic acid; Olive oil is the only food that has a higher content of this acid than Serrano ham. Fats are very important in our body, since they provide us with energy, build cellular structures and carry fat-soluble vitamins, in addition to giving flavor and smell of the food.

chorizo with wine 200 grs

sausages martinez somalo
sausages martinez somalo
martinez somalo
martinez somalo