Conde de Haro Rosé

D.O.C. Cava Riojano Cava De La Rioja 11,5%
13,50 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

General Information

This is the same area as the Prado Enea vineyards, which are high areas, but unlike these, they are hillsides facing north in order to protect the vineyards from the heat that could alter the delicate varietal aroma needed in cavas. the grapes are harvested around the third week of September. About 15 days earlier than those dedicated to white wines. The harvest has to be in boxes of 15 kilos to respect the integrity of the fruit. After passing through the selection belt, the bunches go to the press. The pressing is the most delicate moment for
to preserve the quality, only the must coming from the soft pressing is used to elaborate this cava. the musts carry out a first fermentation in wooden tanks of 1.000 liters to be conserved in the same ones until the end of April. From this point onwards, the second fermentation takes place in the bottle. The wine is conserved in rhyme for at least 14 months.

Tasting Notes Conde de Haro Rosé

Its very soft and bright salmon colour is due to the Garnacha variety. Due to its slow fermentation, this cava shows us a very fine, persistent and elegant bubble that denotes a careful elaboration. it surprises the aromatic complexity of this cava in which we find at the same time aromas of tropical fruits, citrus fruits that contribute freshness, youth and at the same time that we find more mature fruits like peach or quince. in mouth it has a slightly sweet attack passing to a fresh acidity. It surprises the pleasant sensation of its entrance in mouth in which the fineness of its bubbles does not impede to appreciate the elegance and the complexity that the work of the lees have done in its upbringing. In the post taste and enhanced by the carbonic we find again the aromatic palette that we have found in nose. It is a cava that does not leave indifferent and its persistence is an unequivocal sign of its great quality.