Contino Graciano 2014

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Red wine 13,5% 2014
60.00 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Manual harvest carried out at the beginning of October in conditions of optimum ripeness. 3.7 Ha SAN GREGORIO GRANDE FARM, planted in 1979 and 1989 (two areas).
Fermentation in French oak vats of 100 Hl. at temperatures of 28º to 30ºC for 8 days, after another 7 days of maceration, the malolactic fermentation took place
in new French oak barrels and the aging was kept in French oak 90% and Hungarian 10%, 100% new, for 15 months, completed with a process
of reduction in one year bottle.
A year with little rainfall during the whole vegetative cycle, but it has been well distributed in the critical phases of the crop, within the average of the last four years.
years. Autumn and winter preceded by mild temperatures, frosty, not severe, in January and February. Warm spring and summer
The budding has been early, beginning on March 20, flowering on May 29, the beginning of fruit set on June 3 and on July 17, the beginning of veraison in the plots.
The earliest and least productive of Tempranillo, such as San Gregorio Grande, Bartolo and Lentisco.
A healthy harvest that begins on September 18th. They are elaborated in Continuous 456.005 kgs. of red grape and 12.850 kgs. of white grape. Finishing right at the beginning of the
autumn rains (14/10/6) with some botrytis outbreaks in the last two days