distercio oro reserva 2012

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Red wine 13% 2012
12.50 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

I am an estate wine made in limited years of excellent crop production. Family Florentino Martínez brings me into the world with the best grape tempranillo from his farm “Carasol Valdemerque”. I prepared by the traditional method of Destemmed grapes. Macero and ferment in tank for 25 days at a controlled temperature. Two months later I’m already asleep in oak barrels of Rioja, from the Distercios mountains, next to the winery. My dream, with two racking, lasts 24 months. Finally silent glass where rest and afino my bouquet to one, two or three years.

My appearance is intense maroon, with good coating and edging colour: cherry colour. I desprendo aromas of Rioja, red fruits of the forest, liquorice and spices of my dreams in wood. In the mouth I am fleshy, persistent structure and tannin, fruit and toasted with good intensity. With the passage of time and a slight ventilation you will enjoy more with me, always at temperatures around 17 ° C.