Don Px Convento 1931

D.O.C. Montilla Moriles Vino Generoso 18 % 1931
275.00 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

View: Mahogany, with marked Golden hues. Nose: Amontillados, are initially in a nose of something sweet, intense wine with notes of nuts, toasted hazelnuts, infusion of Chamomile and some white truffle as land of terroir, a souvenir at the end of the fine.

D.O.: Montilla Moriles grapes: Pedro Ximénez 100% Alcohol: 21% Ideal to taste with meat from hunting and oxtail is your perfect accompaniment, but not leaving behind a European dish such as civet of Hare with red fruit and apples. Your dish will look even more delicious with a glass of amontillado.