Finca Montepedroso 2019

D.O.C. Wheel White wine 13,5% 2019
6,50 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Montepedroso Finca Technical Sheet

Type of Wine: White

Brand: Montepedroso farm

Grape variety: Verdejo

Bottle type: Bordeaux 

Capacity (cl): 75               

Graduation (% vol.): 13,50

Cellar: Montepedroso farm

Regions: Denomination Wheel

Barrel type:

Permanence in Barrel: 

Operating temperature : 08º-10º C. 

Population: Wheel

General information

Finca Montepedroso has an area of 25 hectares dedicated to the Verdejo monoculture, with a plantation age that ranges from 7 to 31 years. Located on a plateau at 750 meters of altitude, the farm has three types of soils characteristic of a region located in the central sector of the depression that forms the Duero River: alluvial soil (stone pebbles) that crowns the plateau and supposes the largest area of payment (70%); a clay soil in a ravine, with a slope of 10% where the oldest vineyards (31 years) are buried; and a soil with a large amount of silt and clay sediments, also in ravines and with slopes of up to 20%.

Tasting Notes Finca Montepedroso

Color: Lemon yellow with frosted green sparkles, clean, bright and with a very glyceric tear.Nose: Clean and frank aromatic complex, of high intensity where the notes of apricot, peach, fennel, green almond shell, anise and fruit stand out. fresh (lychee, grapefruit, green apple). Reminiscences of freshly cut hay and light hints of smoke mixed with mineral notes.Taste: Velvety and silky on the palate with development towards a large volume and structure.The balanced acidity gives it freshness and nerve. Long and tasty, with a fruity aftertaste, with an even more intense aftertaste than in its olfactory phase, highlighting the hints of fennel and anise.