kankel cacao origin Peru

D.O.C. Cocoa from Peru Cocoa
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Technical data kankel cacao

Article : Cocoa tablet

Brand: kankel cacao origin Peru

Variety: Peru cocoa

Format: Tablet 

Weight : 75 grams                

Company : Kankel Cacao

Conservation: Dry and cool place

Population: Albelda de Iregua

General information

Kankel Cacao it is a window with which to approach the universe of cocoa. Explore and expand your gastronomic limits discovering varieties and origins. A world that fits in an ounce that will inspire emotions and memories. A delicate and sophisticated sensual pleasure that will catch you, an experience for your senses

Tasting Notes kankel cacao origin peru

The slight bitterness and the tropical acid touches reminiscent of passion fruit with dried fruits were the notes that made me fall in love with this variety the most. Its color and marble are evidence of its cultivation between the snow-capped mountain ranges of Mountaln and the Titicaca plateau, an idyllic place where this appreciated variety, Chuncho, transports you.

One last traveling note: the indigenous Matsiguengas still use it today as a commercial exchange currency

kankel cacao origin Peru
kankel cacao origin Peru
kankel cacao peru
kankel cacao peru