Luis Cañas blanco fermentado en barrica 2017

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Vino Blanco 13% 2017
9.00 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Technical Data Sheet  Bodegas Luis Cañas

Type of wine: White Crianza                      Bodega: Luis Cañas
Brand: Luis Cañas Blanco                       Zone: Denominación Rioja
Variety of Grape:Viura                           Type of barrel:American oak
Type of bottle: Bordeaux                       Permanence in Barrel: 4 months
Capacity (cl): 75                                    Serving Temperature 8º-10º C.
Graduation (% vol.): 13,50


Effort, tenacity, passion for things well done and a clear philosophy oriented to the vineyard. Four generations have written the history of our family, “Familia Luis Cañas”.

For more than a century, our family has been dedicated to the production and sale of traditional young wines made using the carbonic maceration method (whole bunches). These were made in the Cueva de los Curas (Cave of the Cures), an old cellar dug into the earth and which still forms part of the area’s landscape today.

Formerly, the wines were transported by Carlos Cañas, father of Luis Cañas (now 90 years old), in carriages pulled by mules crossing the Sierra Cantabria and the Montes de Vitoria until bordering zones with Bilbao and San Sebastián, to more than 100 kilometres of Villabuena.

The founder, Luis Cañas, was born in 1928. A man of perfectionist character, hard-working like few others and whose motivation was always the pride of achieving the best quality in his vineyards and consequently in his bulk wines, conquering the palate of the great wine merchants, who at that time were located in the Alhóndiga of Bilbao.

It is in 1970 when Luis Cañas goes out to the market commercializing wines bottled of harvester which until that moment were sold in bulk. This same year and not far from the Cueva de los Curas, we created the winery that bears our name and in it we poured our passion for the grape, the true creator of wines of the highest quality in Rioja Alavesa.

1.989 marks a new milestone in the evolution of our winery, when Juan Luis Cañas, son of Luis Cañas, took over the reins of the winery. At 33 years of age, he brings new airs to the winery, maintaining the philosophy of work and family tradition thanks to his perfectionist and non-conformist character. This means that he is not content with making very good young wines, but also begins to make new wines, increasingly promoting crianza wines.

In 1994 we inaugurated a new and modern winery equipped with the best winemaking systems. Since then, at Bodegas Luís Cañas we have not ceased in our efforts, being constant the improvements and extensions in the facilities in order to continue improving the quality of our wines.
The personality of Juan Luis, one of the most restless and innovative winemakers in the country, the experience and know-how of the winery’s team have made it possible for our wines to be recognised worldwide with the most prestigious awards.

Tasting Notes Luis Cañas white fermented in barrel

Straw yellow colour. Very intense nose, complex, with good balance between ripe white fruit and memories of cedar and pastries on a smoky background. In the mouth is dense and unctuous without
In aftertaste notes of ripe fruit and mineral memories.