Muga Rosado 2018

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Vino Rosado 13% 2018
8.10 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

General Information

After 12 hours of maceration, the wine ferments for 20/25 days in small wooden tanks of about 2,000 litres at 18ºC. After two months in wooden tanks it is cold stabilised, filtered and bottled.

Tasting Notes Muga rosé

ery light and bright colour, mainly orange-pale salmon. In this vintage the acid fruits return, very fresh, which dominate all the organoleptic profile of the wine.

In the nose, citrus fruits and green apple stand out, present throughout the mouth, in the aftertaste, the olfactory notes are transformed into something finer and more complex where we discover, besides the previous ones, apricot and faint reminiscences of pastries.

The mouth is extremely attractive because, despite the fact that acid fruits continue to dominate, the whole is sweetened by elegant and well integrated fine lees. It is a long journey wine that combines sucrose, freshness and acidity.