Red wine Calvario 2007

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Red wine 13,5% 2007
82.30 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

The CALVARY vineyard was planted in 1945 and its extension does not exceed the 2 searched. With guidance, the terrain is irregular with a gradient of up to 8%.


Fine ground stone and gravel. Its reddish color warns its iron content.


Holder used objects is the Rupestris of lot and his plantation frame is very compact 1.60 x 1.60. Average vineyard density: 4200 vines / has. The vineyard is prepared in glass with 3 arms and 12 buds seen by foot.

Grape varieties

90% Tempranillo, 8% 2% Graciano, Grenache.