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D.O.C. Ribera Del Duero Red wine 2010
53,00 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

1 white Anahi bottle + pack of 5 kankel cacao tablets origin: Peru-Philippines-India-Magadascar-Uganda + wooden case + shipping

Data sheet

Type of Wine: White

Brand: anahi

Grape variety: malvasia, tempranillo blanco sauvignon blanc

Bottle type: Bordeaux

Capacity (cl): 75               

Graduation (% vol.): 13,50

Cellar: san pedro ortega

Regions: Denomination Rioja

Barrel type:

Permanence in Barrel: 

Operating temperature : 8º-10º C. 

Population:the guard

General information

Javier San Pedro Ortega He is a native of Laguardia and a winemaker by tradition and vocation. It comes from a family of winegrowers, being the fifth generation of the family that makes their own wines with grapes from their vineyards, since the San Pedro family owns more than 100 hectares of vineyard in the municipality of Laguardia.

That boy who, at 5 years old, began his career cleaning his grandfather's cellar, in 2005 he made his first wine, at the age of 17, in his father's cellar.

It is in the 2013 vintage, after eight years adding his personal touch to the wines of the family winery, that he decides to undertake his personal project, based on two well-differentiated ranges of wines. On the one hand, the range Wolf cave, which is defined by fun, aromatic and modern wines; and the range Black widow, which aims to recover old vineyards in the area, obtaining the highest quality from each plot. Although we can't forget our wine Anahí, a semi-sweet white created and made in tribute to his mother.

This young project soon takes shape and is called Javier San Pedro Ortega Winery. An innovative winery with a young team seeking to surprise and differentiate itself from the classic Rioja wine, we feel that our wines have to tell a story. We want our wines to be authentic, innovative and unique. That they convey the expression and authenticity of our land. Elaborating and raising them with the utmost respect, but from a dynamic and current vision.

Tasting Notes anahi white

A semi-sweet white wine made from the Malvasía, Sauvignon Blanc and Tempranillo Blanco grape varieties. Each variety is made separately, resulting in a balanced wine between sugar and acidity, fresh and with a pleasant drink.

Anahi white 2019
Anahi white 2019
pack of 5 cocoa tablets
pack of 5 cocoa tablets