Sierra Cantabria Tinto Gran Reserva 2008

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Red wine 14% 2008
19.00 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

FINCA Fincas in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, La Rioja DO. Qualified Rioja. VINEYARDS YIELD HARVESTING Integrated, environmentally friendly viticulture, minimum intervention, perfect adaptation to the’terroir’ and without the use of herbicides or systemic products, in line with the biorhythms of nature. Organic fertilizer. . Ha. Exclusively manual with rigorous selection of the fruits that are in optimum health and ripening conditions in the vineyard and in the winery by means of a selection table. VARIETY Tempranillo (98%) and Graciano (2%) from vineyards over 30 years old. “The balance of maturity and fruitiness of the Sonsierra Riojana. Elegant, tasty aroma in the mouth with red fruit and silky, ripe tannins” Marcos Eguren ADDED: Cold winter with abundant rainfall in the form of snow that promotes the accumulation of sufficient water reserves for the entire vegetative cycle. A slightly cool beginning of spring causes a delay in budbreak, which begins in early May showing a satisfactory fertility. Subsequently, the climatic conditions that can be considered as ideal (ambient temperature and soil humidity) improve, allowing a more accelerated development of the vegetation and correcting to a large extent the previous vegetative delay.WINE MAKING: Traditional destemming (100%). Alcoholic fermentation for 9 days with selected native yeast from our own vineyards, temperature control from 28 to 32 º C. Post-fermentation maceration with the skins for 14 days. Two pumpovers a day until fermentation is complete. During maceration, the frequency of pumping over is reduced as the process progresses, to avoid the extraction of vegetable and bitter characters. AGEING: In 225 l. American oak barrels for 24 months (25 % new barrels, 75 % maximum of 3 wines). Transfer every 4 months for the first year and every 6 months for the second year. . OENOLOGIST Marcos Eguren