valenciso tinto reserva 2011

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Red wine 13% 2011
17.50 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Valenciso reserva 2010 Bodegas Valenciso wineries

Payments from Ollauri, Briones, Rodezno, Haro and Villalba, grown in Sustainable Viticulture. All in clay-calcareous soil, in the north of the Rioja Alta, benefiting from the Atlantic influence characteristic of the region, especially favorable in hot summers like this one. Manual harvesting, elaboration in cement deposit, that favor the soft extraction in fermentation and maceration, where it carried out the spontaneous malolactic fermentation in May. Aged for 19 months in French oak barrels with light and medium toasted. Sedimented and stabilized naturally for 12 months in cement. Spring with cool temperatures, and a very hot summer, with the month of July warmer since 1970 and a wave of high heat at the end of August. Regarding the precipitation in the agricultural year 2009/2010 was scarce, about 300 liters compared to the 485 liters of the annual historical average. In this region of Ollauri – Haro, only 41.9 liters fell in the spring and 61.6 liters in summer. There was no hail, no frost that affected the vineyard, no significant presence of mildew. These conditions led to a slight advance in the harvest to avoid the drop in acidity, and to a situation of moderate water stress in the plant. The harvest begins on October 7 in Ollauri (507 m altitude) and is carried out without interruption until the highest payments in Villalba (600 m altitude) are completed. The yield was 5,364 kilos / ha (38 Hl) N