Semi-sweet white wine

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The semi-sweet wine is an ideal wine to enter the wonderful world of wine, as they are usually very pleasant, very fruity and with good acidity to counteract excess sugar.

We often think that these are lower quality wines because they have residual sugar, and this is not true, since the elaboration of these wines is a challenge for the winemakers since it is not easy to achieve the necessary stability and roundness.

We are going to give you some keys of the elaboration of these wines and we leave you a selection of the most interesting.Semi-sweet white wine

like sweet wine, is also drunk at a low temperature. The main difference between the above is that it contains between 30 and 50 grams of sugar per liter of

In view of the special nature of certain types of winemaking, a classification is also established in this respect. Thus, there will be fortified, liqueur and flavoured wines.
Liqueur wines are those whose alcoholic content is increased, normally with the addition of alcohol, with the intention of achieving a more stable product with different organoleptic qualities. The sherries, ports and madeiras belong to this category.Semi-sweet white wine

Liqueur wines, generally sweet, have a higher alcoholic content with or without any added ethyl alcohol.

Flavoured wines are wines with different substances, generally of a vegetable nature (leaves, fruits, roots, bark, etc.) which give them that special aroma. An example of this type of wine is vermouth.

There are numerous possibilities for classification, although if we look at the specific type of winemaking used to make the wine, perhaps the most meaningful classification would divide the wines into four specific groups: still, sparkling, generous and flavored.Semi-sweet white wine

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