About Rioja Wine
the online wine shop

Rioja Wine, the online wine shop

Rioja wine is a company founded in 1987 in a small wine shop in the old part of Nájera (La Rioja), at the center of high Rioja and next to the monastery of Santa María La Real. It is an area of viticultures and small family wineries, but our wine shop online is much more than that. If you want to find out more about Rioja Wine keep reading.

About Rioja Wine, to buy wine online at the best price is possible

The beginnings started with a small inherited wine collection. In that time our main client was the Christies House of London, with whom we were joined by good link trades, getting good and important wines sale.

Latter on, knowing the difficult to find old quality wines we focus all our efforts in the purchase and mantenaince of the few wines available on the market and that we could get. All of it with the same demand level that our clients deserve.

To this day we can be proud of our wine shop online as we have a variety and quality in wines worthy of most demanding taste.
What a better gift for a relative, friend or a work colleague that a nice bottle of wine of the year birth or any other year to celebrate an special event.

As Don Gonzalo de Berceo would say “I want to make a poem in a clear language in which the town usually talks to the neighbor, I’m not so literate as to make another poem (in latin), this will be worth as I think a glass of a good wine”.