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Wine accessories: the 5 essentials

If you are a wine lover and you like to enjoy a good bottle at special moments such as a romantic dinner with your partner, while you read the latest novel by your favorite writer or if you want to look good on a visit from friends, you should have your house a series of wine accessories that will make that experience more enjoyable.

Below we show you the 5 wine accessories They should not be missing in your house when you uncork a bottle.

Wine accessories: 5 must have


The first thing we must do is uncork our bottle. For this we have many types of corkscrews, from the most classic such as the "two-stroke", "wings" or "screw", to the most modern such as the "lever" or the "electric".

2. Decanter

Once our bottle is uncorked, we must slowly pour the wine into a decanter. Its three basic functions are as follows: to separate the wine from the deposits or sediments that the bottle may have, to aerate or oxygenate the wine and to “open” the wine to favor the development of the initial aromas.

3. Set of cups

It is important that your set of cups meets these requirements. A thin and very fine glass rim will make your senses focus more on the wine than on the glass. On the other hand, the container must be large enough to pour an appropriate amount and to allow the wine to be shaken to oxygenate it. Finally, it is recommended that the glass has a stem long enough so that heat is not transmitted from the hand to the wine.

4. Pourer

At the time of serve the wine, for avoid droplets falling after filling the cup, which can stain the tablecloth and drip the bottle, it is very appropriate to have a pouring spout with which you can safely and elegantly serve any type of wine. A large variety of them is also available.

5. Vacuum sealer

We finish this device that is a great ally for wine lovers, since we can open a bottle, take the amount we want, and close it under vacuum so that the wine does not lose its qualities. These will hold perfectly for a long time.

We hope that these of wine accessories that we have shown you, serve as a guide to improve your wine cellar.


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