songs about wine

Songs about wine, which are the best?

Discover the 4 best songs about wine. We reveal to you why the wine and music universe are inseparable. Let the party begin!

Music and wine form a perfect tandem. In fact, there is an extensive list of songs about wine. And it is that both have to be tasted over low heat, with care and enjoying each note.

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy this tour of the best songs about wine.

The 4 best songs about wine


Estopa 'red wine'

There are songs that once you listen to them you know that they are going to stay engraved in your mind because definitely they have something special in their rhythm. Well that's what happens to you every time you hear this Estopa song. And as they say in their refrain: "Take me warm at your rhythm, I am like a vintage wine… ”.


Celtas Cortos' 'Love of Wine'

An authentic ode to wine from Celtas Cortos in their album 40 de abril. A nod to the work of the wineries and the figure of the wine to meet us. We highlight the rhyme "It is born from the sun and the earth in a painless childbirth that the winemaker's love builds like a flower ”.

Red red wine

Although the song belongs to Neil Diamond one of the versions, the Bob Marley song makes us fall in love with its characteristic sound Reggae. A letter in which the heartbreak is present but the wine eases the pain a little after a breakup.

Bitter wine

Again a love break is at the center of this rock ballad. A good dose of nostalgia in Bon Jovi's lyrics where he ends up saying that Where there was adoration, only bitter wine remains.

And to you, of these songs about wine, What is the one you like? Keep your favorite and choose the best wine in our Rioja online wine store. You can also leave us a comment with a song with wine per protagonist to add to this list 😉


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