how to choose a good wine

How to choose a good wine, the best tricks

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Do you know how to choose a good wine? We start this wine blog revealing 6 tricks to find the ideal wine for you. Keep reading!

A birthday, a special dinner ... These are occasions when this question about how to choose a good wine. The choice of a wine will depend on what we are going to eat, if we are in summer or winter, and above all, on our personal tastes.

If you want to recognize a quality wine instantly from our Rioja online wine store we offer you six tricks to know how to choose a good wine.

How to choose a good wine, 6 tricks

  1. For him type of grape: The aroma of cabernet sauvignon currant, the smell of leather or truffles from merlot or the essence of strawberry and red fruits of tempranillo... Tempranillo is the vine that is most used in the appellation of origin Rioja.
  1. According to the occasion: Each banquet has its corresponding wine. When pairing, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that the white wines pair better with fish and red wines pair better with meats.
  2. Examine the label. It is the letter of introduction of the wine. Through it you will know aspects such as the brand, the winery, the vinification (aging, reserve, large reserve, ...) or its vintage.
  3. Behold the color. A reddish pigmentation guarantees that the wine is in perfect condition. Characteristics such as intensity, brightness or transparency determine that a wine is fit to be tasted.
  4. Take in the scent. Through the smell the essence of the wine is captured and it is really an essential sense when it comes to appreciating the organoleptic qualities of a good wine. They will lead you to distinguish notes of wood, nuts ...
  5. In mouth. The sense of taste tells us if we are dealing with a wine with brushstrokes acidic, citric, malic, acetic, sweet, salty or bitter.

Elements like taste persistence (time that the taste of the wine remains in the mouth) and the Balance they are synonyms of good winemaking quality.


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  1. Gregorio Rica Bercedo

    It is very interesting to know that he came
    choose to pair well with what is to be tasted

    • Rioja Wine Shop

      Thank you very much Gregorio for your comment, we are glad you liked it!

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