Alabaster 2016

D.O.C. Toro Castilla Leon Red wine 14,5% 2015
123.00 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Alabaster Red is a red wine of the D.O. Bull made by Bodega Teso La Monja Zamora. This winery was created by the Eguren family, who are the owners of the Sierra Cantabria winery in La Rioja.
They own 92 hectares of land, some of their vineyards are pre-phylloxera with more than 130 years that are subjected to a harsh continental climate, with hot summers and very cold winters that mark the opulent character of their wines. The land is cultivated in a way that respects the environment and the environment, applying the minimum possible interventions when working the land. No herbicides or systemic products are used.
Alabaster is made with Tinta de Toro from very old, pre-phylloxera vines with very low yields. The harvest is manual and the grapes are carefully selected.
On arrival at the winery, a new selection is made grain by grain and destemmed manually. The grapes are traditionally pressed and fermented in open tanks with gentle pumping over. The malolactic fermentation and ageing is carried out in new French oak barrels, where the wine remains for 18 months.
Alabaster is a velvety red wine, well balanced, elegant, powerful and complex, with a long finish and persistence.