Benito Escudero Brut

D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja Cava 13%
8.20 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

I. variedad:100% Viura.

II. GRADE alcoholico:11, 5% Vol.

III. VINEYARDS and harvest: The grape comes from vineyards owned by the winery in the town of grávalos, South of Yerga mountain in the foothills of the Iberian Mountain range at an altitude between 700 – 800 meters above the sea level. A very high area where you get fresh wines with low graduation, with very fine and elegant aromas. The variety Viura are harvested in the first two weeks of October. The grape harvest is manual, selecting the grapes, avoiding reaches the press no impaired grape or does not meet the required quality to develop our cavas.

IV. ELABORATION: The must flower obtained with a soft pressing, is

It will allocate to develop our cavas. Must be held the first fermentation in stainless steel tanks at low temperature of 14ºc. At the beginning of the spring, clean once wine will do the second fermentation inside the bottle remaining in breeding for at least 36 months.

V. tasting lemon yellow with steely. Fine bubble that forms a small string of slow evolution. Highlights of the fruity aromas (Apple). Pleasant in mouth with light acidity and a very well integrated bubble. Apple aftertaste.

VI. Recomendado:entrante hot and cold dishes. Fish and seafood, foie gras, fresh and cured cheese.