Don Px Selection Convent 1958

D.O.C. Montilla Moriles Fortified Wine 21% 1958
255,00 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Technical Sheet Toro Albalá

Type of Wine: Generous

Brand: Albála Bull

Grape variety: PX

Bottle type: Bordeaux 

Capacity (cl): 75               

Graduation (% vol.): 13,50

Cellar: Albála Bull

Regions: Denomination Rioja

Barrel type:American

Permanence in Barrel: 24 months

Operating temperature : 12º C. 

Population: Aguilar de La Frontera

General information

Bodegas Toro Albalá was born in the heart of the Cordovan countryside in 1922. Our History is the story of a small farmer, José María Toro Albalá, who had the great idea of saving old wines for the creation of oenological jewelry for palates. More demanding. A philosophy that knew how to implant in family values and that are still preserved. Considered a feat considering the situation of the time. But, it has been worth for the Toro Albalá to be at the best tables on the planet.

Fine wines were the most consumed in the thirties by an Andalusian population that went to the taverns of the neighborhoods and that was mostly dedicated to the work of the primary sector. The setting of the winery was an old power station in the area, which gave rise to the jokes of the Andalusians who called that the wine had electricity or was electric, hence the famous name of the fine "Eléctrico" that still remains to this day. days.

Appellation: Montilla Moriles Grapes: Pedro Ximenez 100% Alcohol: 21% Ideal to taste with game meat and oxtail is its perfect accompaniment, but we do not leave behind a European dish such as hare civet with red fruits and apples. Your dish will look even more exquisite with a glass of amontillado.

A generational change in the 60s by the winemaker Antonio Sánchez makes the brand take on its own personality. Since then, it is committed to recovering aging treasures and traditions in the world of wine. The founder's nephew would bring the fresh air of his training in European schools and the illusion of a project in which he has been a participant since he was six years old.

The legacy of this winemaker, inseparable from his glasses, is not only the creation of winemaking jewelery with his own style but a way of understanding the culture of wine, surrounded by literary works, archeology or painting. All this, without forgetting the incessant aroma left by the accompanying casks of amontillado. It knows how to maintain the same quality as always and the classic flavor. His specialty is the very sharp amontillados and the unsurpassed Don PX.

Tasting Notes Don Px Convento Selección

This wine has on the nose a multitude of aromas more typical of an aromatic dictionary than a wine. It seduces with sublime aromas of dried figs, raisins and baked apple. white pepper, olives

black and cinnamon that adds complexity with its salty and spicy notes.If it is a wine that amazes on the nose, in the mouth we will be amazed. It is broad, enveloping, velvety, sweet, sour, salty, bitter. Epitome of elegance. Silky, full of lush nuts, with delicate notes of tobacco leaves, vanilla and licorice. Tremendously long finish with fantastic quince freshness.
Within the Convento range, there is some rarity, wine that will be left over as a pairing since it has everything in it, 1931 is the king within the PX, it came to drink after dinner, accompanied by various chocolate and intense mocha coffee, social wine and meditation.
Wine made from Pedro Ximenez grapes with the traditional system of sunny grapes after the vintage, vintage aged in American oak boots.