Kankel cacao Madagascar

D.O.C. Cocoa from Madagascar Cocoa
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Technical data kankel cacao

Article : Cocoa tablet

Brand: kankel cacao origin Madagascar

Variety: Magadascar cocoa

Format: Tablet 

Weight : 75 grams                

Company : Kankel Cacao

Conservation: Dry and cool place

Population: Albelda de Iregua

General information

Kankel Cacao it is a window with which to approach the universe of cocoa. Explore and expand your gastronomic limits discovering varieties and origins. A world that fits in an ounce that will inspire emotions and memories. A delicate and sophisticated sensual pleasure that will catch you, an experience for your senses

Tasting Notes kankel cacao origin Madagascar

If there is a traveling variety, like me, this is it. From Venezuela to Mexico, then to the Philippines, passing through Java, to finish in Madagascar, the red island. A fertile and fecund land in which the mixture spreads, amalgamates it and favors the red fruit acidity that surrounds this variety. One last traveling note: today the plantation of a retired Swedish diplomat named Bertil Akesson treasures a cocoa of unsurpassed quality, a stranded globetrotter.

kankel cacao madagascar
kankel cacao madagascar
kankel cacao origin madagascar
kankel cacao origin madagascar