Libalis Rose 2016

Vino Rosado 2016
6.20 Bottle 75 cl Tax incl.

Libalis Rosé is an explosion of flavor. It is the beginning of many special moments, as many as you want to create. Choose yours and carpe diem!
How does this wine taste?
Libalis Rose tastes like red fruits, mixed with citrus notes and somewhat syrupy, it is a combination of flavors that make you have a unique experience from the first drink.
How to drink this wine?
Fresh, between 8 and 10 degrees.
When to drink this wine?
This wine is ideal for drinking with a fresh aperitif before lunch or dinner, especially since the warmth starts in spring.
What should I drink this wine with?
It’s wonderful to be sitting on a terrace with good friends, laughing, with cheese tapas, ham… and accompany it with this very fresh wine. We could also accompany it with some rice, a blue fish or a light meat, a carpaccio of any kind, carabineros and some seafood.