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Red and white grapes are usually mixed, but this depends on each denomination of origin.

That is why Rose Wine is lighter than red wine. Its colour will depend on the duration and the temperature during the contact of the grape juice and the grape skins during the maceration.

Some time ago we told you how to make your own red wine at home, today we present you 6 simple steps to know how to make Rose Wine

Harvesting and de-stemming:
It consists of harvesting the grapes at their optimum point of ripeness, so that their sugar levels are adequate, then the selected grapes are separated from the rest of the bunch.

This step can be done in two different ways:

Pressing method: the already clean grapes are pressed to extract the must and the juice is separated from the skins. At the end, we move on to fermentation.

Bleeding method: the already cleaned grapes are put into a tank so that the must is macerated with the grape skins and pulp. After the maceration (24 hours at 16º) gravity will separate the must from the remains of the grapes.Rose Wine

The liquid obtained is kept in stainless steel tanks or wooden barrels at a temperature between 14º and 16º. The duration of fermentation will depend on whether we want a sweet wine (less time), or a drier one (more time).

In this process the yeast feeds on the sugar in the must and produces the ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide.

It consists of eliminating all the solid waste from the wine, and is done by changing the wine several times in the container.Rose Wine

Clarification and filtration:
First the small solid particles are dragged to the bottom with clarifying substances and then the wine is filtered with a fine membrane.

Finally, the wine is introduced in glass bottles where the wine will finish settling its aromas and nuances.Rose Wine

Libalis Rosé 2018
Libalis Rosé 2018
Maetierra D.O.C. Vt Valles De Sadacia
Tax incl. Bottle 75 cl
Viña Valoria rosado 2018
Viña Valoria rosado 2018
Valoria D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja
Tax incl. Bottle 75 cl
Martinez Alesanco Rosado fermentado en barrica 2016
Martinez Alesanco Rosado fermentado en barrica 2016
Martinez Alesanco D.O.C. Denomination of Origin Rioja
Tax incl. Bottle 75 cl