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Wine glasses: which are the best?

You have already chosen your favorite wine in our online wine shop. However, there is a question that has been around you lately: how should the good ones be? wine glasses?

It is not a minor doubt. The wine glasses are essential when tasting and to enjoy the organoleptic properties to the maximum. We reveal the 3 keys for you to recognize a good glass of wine without effort.

Wine glasses: 3 keys to choose the best

1. Form

If we are going to taste Red wine the glass must be rounded and with sufficient cavity so that the wine can be oxygenated and the olfactory notes are perceived. If you are going to take White wine the bottom should be smaller and narrower and the foot of the glass slightly more elongated. For him champagne or digging the glasses must have a conical and narrow bottom so that the effervescence and the olfactory notes are not lost.

wine glasses

2. Material

The glass has to be transparent and colorless. As for the thickness, the ideal density is one millimeter. It needs to be so fine that the characteristics of the wine are not obstructed.

wine glasses

3. Quantity

The quantity served in a glass should not be more than half. Ideally, pour a third of the glass so that the wines are not heated. This aspect is more characteristic of white wines.

With all this information we hope to have helped you in the search for wine glasses perfect. And you, what is the cup that you like the most? Write your comment!


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