The sin is in not trying them

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Father's Day is approaching, spring and good weather are approaching, after months of confinement and strange normalities to which we have had to adapt little by little, we increasingly want to celebrate and reunite with family and friends and what better excuse than to celebrate the parents who deserve all our love. Do you already have the gift for yours?


In this post we propose an original idea, with which you will always look good and that you will surely love. It is a collection of seven wines, representing the 7 deadly sins. A bet devised by a small winery in the town of San Ascencio.

el mejor vino
el mejor vino

At a sensory level, they are complex wines, with many nuances. Each of them has its own personality, which honors the sin in question.

Lust, a red bottle wrapped in a woman's black stocking, sensual incitement.

Lust 2017
Lust 2017

The envy, yellow bottle, its mirror finish reflects the dislike for the good of others


Envy 2017
Envy 2017

Laziness,  It is full of dust, it is the one that has the most aging, as is evident, it was resting.

Laziness 2017
Laziness 2017

 The wrath, Half Burned Label leaves us with more than one possible story behind it about what happened.

The arrogance, always above the rest, standing out, in this case, with Swarovski crystals, it shows supremacy.

Gluttony it could not even hold the fork that embraces it, leaving it completely useless after so much use and abuse.

Greed a lock keeping a great secret that we can never decipher.

For all the love we have for our parents, for the wise advice they give us, for the time they dedicate to us, they deserve the best, and the sin would be not to celebrate their day and not to enjoy this marvel of wines without prejudice.

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