uses and utilities of wine

Uses and uses of wine: much more than a drink!

As a general rule, when we think of wine, a succulent meal and a good glass of wine come to mind. But the uses and utilities of wine they are not just a drink. Read on and be amazed with the extensive tour of uses and utilities of wine. You will be amazed!

Uses and uses of wine: The 3 great applications

1. Wine for cooking

You are right. Many dishes have a splash of wine to give more flavor to the stews and sauces. It is also an ally when it comes to caramelize the sauces. You can also use other cooking techniques such as marinated food.

2. It came in cosmetics

Wine is increasingly present in the cosmetic sector thanks to its countless antioxidant properties. That is why it will not surprise you if lately you see wine or grape components in face creams, scrubs, hair masks and even in shampoos. Numerous spas and spas are incorporating face and body treatments to show a more radiant and silky skin. All these properties encompass the wine therapy.

3. The marc

Another of the most important functions of wine is the production of marc. The pomace comes from the Latin «volucolum» which means cover or skin that wraps. Thus the pomace is a distilled drink that comes from the skins and seeds that are not used in winemaking.

We hope we have helped you meet others uses and utilities of wine increasingly important. And you, do you know of any other usefulness or curiosity about wine? Do not hesitate to tell us on our blog!

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