wines to pair pizza

Wines to pair pizza: which are the best?

Pizza and wine form a perfect tandem. The Pizza It has become the favorite dish of many, and it is that it admits an endless number of ingredients, which makes it appetizing for almost everyone. However, until recently the wines to pair pizza. Out old cliches! In addition, the wine brings out all the flavors of the pizza it accompanies.

We tell you from our online wine shop which are the wines to pair pizza.

Wines to pair pizza: The 3 essentials

One of the fundamental aspects is to take into account the ingredients of the pizza. If they are barbecue, with ham or pepperni, it will pair well with red wine. If you have fish or seafood, the ideal combination is a good white wine.

Campillo Crianza 2014

East aging wine pleasant and balanced it is the perfect companion for your pizzas with meat and sausages. It intensifies the flavor of the pizza and it is a pleasure to taste them at the same time.

With Campillo Crianza 2014 you will be sure.

Amaren tinto crianza 2013

This wine that spends half of its aging in French oak barrels and the other half in American oak barrels is the ideal companion to combine with a barbecue pizza or even a four cheese pizza. Amaren Tinto Crianza 2013 It also has excellent value for money.

Lordship of Cuzcurrita 2013

Lordship of Cuzcurrita 2013 perfectly represents the character of the winery's wines Cuzcurrita Castle. Wonderful to mix with mushrooms, truffles and even spices.

These are our wines to pair pizza favorites. And which one do you prefer? Let us know by leaving a comment on our blog!

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