Types of grapes to make Rioja wine

Do you know all the types of grapes that exist? If you are a wine lover, you will know that depending on which wine we are talking about it will have some grape types concrete.

Do you know, for example, grape types What does Rioja wine have? From our online wine shop We will tell you all!

Types of Rioja grape

Tempranillo grape

Without a doubt, the Tempranillo grape It is the best known and considered the native of Rioja. It accounts for more than three quarters of the crop and produces long-range wines, balanced in acidity and in alcohol content. We can say that this grape is what makes Rioja wine a Rey wine.

grape types

Grenache red grape

The Garnacha grape is of Spanish origin. In order to acquire all its characteristics, a dry climate needs heat. Due to its uniqueness, the Garnacha grape has traditionally been used for coupage in wines where the Tempranillo variety had a greater presence.

Grape Mazuelo

This type of grape is one of the most universally cultivated grapes. Apparently, it has its origin in Aragon. The Mazuelo grape produces wines with high acidity and good color. Due to these characteristics, it is considered the ideal companion for the Tempranillo grape.

Graciano Grape

Although the Graciano grape is not very abundant in the vintages of La Rioja, it is a variety of great importance. This is so since the wines with the Graciano grape present high acidity and also a high concentration of tannins. It is an ideal type of grape to combine with the great Tempranillo.

grape types


Now that you know all grape types that are used to produce Rioja wine, what type of wine do you keep? Leave us your comment!

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