how to choose a good wine

How to choose a good wine: the best keys

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It is a fact that in matters of wine the palate is the boss. However, from our online wine shop We offer you some keys to know what criteria to assess when knowing how to choose a good wine. Given the immense offer of Rioja wine It is difficult to know where to start, so we give you the 5 keys so that you are clear how to choose a good wine. Read on and become a true winemaking expert in record time!

How to choose a good wine: the 5 definitive keys

how to choose a good wine

1.Your personality, your taste

This is the fundamental thing, you have to follow your personal criteria. It is useless to choose a fashionable white wine if you do not like white wines too much. Perhaps you have heard that with a Reserva you are sure to succeed for a special occasion… However, there are great upbringing. Trust your instinct!

2. According to the occasion

Effectively. A dinner with your partner with a casual snack is not the same as a meal with your in-laws. Even details like carrying a Magnum bottle are great for those occasions when you can't go wrong.

3. Look at the label

On the label comes all the information we need to value a wine. its to nothing, winemaking, Appellation of origin... and even the type of grape it is made of.

4. Pure color

A quality wine should have a vibrant red color. Of more intensity or garnet if it is reserved and brighter if it is an aged wine.

5. Understand its aroma

The wine speaks to us through our nose. What do you perceive? Notes of wood, fruit, spices ... You will surely like some smells more than others and that will help you to find the type of wine that you like best.

We hope our keys to know how to choose a good wine they have helped you. And you, how do you choose your wines? Write your comment and tell us!


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