how wine is made

How wine is made: The 6 key stages

Surely, if you are a wine fanatic, on some occasion you may have wondered how wine is made. A very common curiosity for any winelover. 

Well you're in luck! From our online wine shop We reveal the essential phases to know how wine is made. Read carefully below and enjoy each stage of the winemaking process.

Stages of wine: Discover how wine is made

1. The grape harvest

Between September and October the decisive moment arrives for the grape. When the vine reaches its maximum splendor it is collected. Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects to harvest the grape is its sugar level. The future level of alcohol will depend on it.

how wine is made

2. Stripped

During de-stemming, the grapes are separated from the rest of the bunch. Formerly the process was made by hand and today it is carried out using machinery.

3. Squeezed

Once the destemming is complete, the grapes are passed through a machine to step on the grapes. This is to break the skin of the grape to extract the internal must from the fruit.

4. Maceration and alcoholic fermentation

Maceration it is what is going to let the fermentation take place. During maceration, the foundations of the color and structure of the wine will be laid.

Once the maceration process is finished, it goes on to alcoholic fermentation. The sugar in the grape is converted to ethyl alcohol. This phase lasts about 15 days.

5. Malolactic fermentation

It is a second fermentation system. Through this fermentation, malic acid is transformed into lactic acid. This double fermentation aims to lower the acidity of the wine and soften it.

how wine is made

6. Parenting

It is the last part of this wine cycle. The wine gets into Oak barrels American or French oak. From here come all those spicy, woody or toasted notes that we later perceive when tasting the wine.

We hope you have enjoyed this winemaking trip and are clear how wine is made as well as all its processes.

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