best champagnes

Best champagnes: what are the ideals to toast?

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Who has not celebrated a special occasion with champagne? We should all know the best champagnes with which to enjoy at a party. So from our online wine shop we recommend the best champagnes so you can delight at any time. Raise your glass and ... chin-chin!

best champagnes

The best champagnes to toast

If something defines champagne, it is that it is an absolutely exclusive drink. And what makes champagne such a special drink? It is simply a luxury to drink. The select champagne only allows three grape varieties: chardonnay pinor noir and pinot meunier.

1. Champagne Gosset Excellence Brut

On the nose, fruit essences and even some note of toasted dry fruit are perceived. When tasted it is fresh and has a long-lasting flavor. Champagne Gosset Excellence Brut It is delicious and affordable for all budgets.

2. Champagne Gosset Grande Reserve Brut

As soon as the bottle is uncorked, a bouquet of aromas of red fruits and roasted nuts is perceived. The taste of ripe fruit remains in the mouth. Without a doubt, Champagne Gosset Grande Reserve Brut is a hit for those great unforgettable occasions.

3. Gosset Grand Rosé Brut

Are you a fan of pink champagne? Well congratulations, you just found the perfect pink champagne! This champagne in the subtle color of rose petals. Gosset Grand Rosé Brut it's a strawberry flavor outburst. More acidic strawberries are combined with more syrupy strawberries.

This is our podium best champagnes that you can taste in our online wine shop. Take your best wine glasses, try one of our recommended champagnes and tell us which champagne is your favorite.

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