wine temperature

Wine temperature: 4 keys to drinking wine

Not only the bottle is essential to get a good wine tasting. There are many factors to consider to be successful: Good wine temperature, choose the right wine glasses, have good accessories for the wine and above all, open the perfect bottle of wine for every occasion. From our online wine shop We tell you the definitive keys to hit the mark wine temperature.

1. Estimate time

When you are in the middle of a celebration it is very important that you calculate how long before you have to take the bottle of wine out of the fridge. Each type of wine has a wine temperature suitable and it is important that it does not stay hot or cold.

wine temperature

2. Don't drink chilled wine

A wine that is too cold does not usually have much flavor. The organoleptic qualities of the wine are lost if the wine is taken in excess of cold.

3. Do not chill the wine in the fridge

Something as common as putting a bottle of wine in the fridge is an almost criminal act. If you are a real wine expert, you will put the wine bottle in its corresponding ice bucket. In addition, you will get the wine to be chilled earlier.

4. A wine, a wine temperature

Certainly, each wine has its ideal temperature. In this way, the red wines They should be taken between 14 and 18 degrees. white wines they must be tasted between 10 and 12 degrees if they have been in barrels. For younger white wines, the ideal is to drink them between 7 and 10 degrees to appreciate the fruit and floral nuances. Young and refreshing rosé wines They are also tasted within 7 and 10 degrees.

We hope we have helped you with our keys to get a wine temperature suitable. Enjoy your bottle of wine winelover!



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