Harvest: The wine festival has arrived!

As every year around this time the vintage makes its appearance in the Riojan landscape. The word vintage Comes from latin vindemia and it means the process of collecting the grapes from the vineyard. And as the popular proverb says: "August ripens and September harvests the grapes." More specifically, at the end of September in the case of The Rioja. This period is of decisive importance in the quality of the future wine. Discover all the key points of this phase of winemaking from our online wine shop. Here we go!

Harvest: what factors are taken into account when picking the grapes?

1. Degree of maturation of the grape

It is harvested when the level of sugar and the the acidity of the grapes are balanced. The ripening of the grape is the moment in which the fruit becomes suitable for making wine.

2. Weather conditions

It is important that the climate facilitate this time of vine harvesting. We will avoid frost, rain and all kinds of adverse conditions to carry it out.



Harvest: how is the vine harvested?

1. Manual method

The traditional method is still used to high quality wines. The harvesters cut the best grapes with the help of scissors or  buckles. Once this is done, the grape is introduced into the so-called baskets or baskets to take it to the Cellar. This system involves high doses of effort and money, but it is essential for produce the best wines.

2. Mechanical method

They use grape harvesters, machines that shake the stock's feet and thus cause the grape drop. Branches and leaves are removed before it reaches the cellar. It is a fantastic procedure if the vineyard extension is wide.

We hope you enjoyed this article and we remind you that you can buy wine, the best wines, in our online wine store.

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